U10 Rugby v Fairfield 9/10/21

U10A Boys Rugby v Fairfield (A)

Another outstanding performance from the U10 boys who continue to raise the performance bar every week. Strong and direct running from Robin, Noah and Hugh coupled with slick handling from Siyaam and Zorowar ensured the Fairfield defensive line was constantly tested. The defensive line lead by Aryan was very well-organised and Fairfield only got through after many phases of relentless tackling. The intense pressure put on Fairfield eventually forced the error to allow Noah to sprint through and score the winning try.

MVP: Robin Panne

U10A Boys Rugby v Fairfield (B)

Really enjoyed this fixture, well contested and played with great sportsmanship. Aaron was a late addition to the team, utilising explosive speed to set us off with two early tries. Then came the hard work in defence with Zain & Joseph showing fine examples in the tackle. We continued to play well, offering lovely support to the ball carrier.

MVP — Joseph Upton, captain on the day, led from the front with direct running and superb tackling