EYFS Nativity

It has been up to teaching staff to make this year a success for pupils around the world, and Leicester Grammar Junior School is no exception. Staff have more than risen to the occasion, tackling many new and unexpected challenges, and overcome obstacles that could not have been imagined. This list has been never-ending. But the change of seasons has brought with it what some might see as possibly the biggest challenge so far - the School Nativity!

Leave it to LGJS staff to come up with an imaginative solution! This year each bubble in EYFS created their own of little piece of magic, down in the woodland area of the school. Dressed in their dazzling, festive costumes and gallivanting around the grounds as part of a grand plan. Friend of the school, Mr Zarb, managed to capture all of the sparkles! Editing together footage, music, photographs and a narrated story to create a captivating production. Streaming to homes and classrooms at the end of term, parents and pupils will not miss out on that warm festive glow that can only be achieved by the LGJS Nativity Play.