Sport at LGJS is multipurpose - the focus is on the physical benefits, the fostering of team spirit, the encouragement and acceptance of those of all standards with the courage and willingness to have a go. Every child regardless of ability, has a chance to represent their House in Intra House Competitions and we aim to give as many pupils as possible the opportunity to represent the school in a friendly fixture against another school. Sport is a fundamental part of the curriculum for all children from Kinders through to Year 6.

The major games at LGJS include Rugby, Football and Cricket for boys and Hockey, Netball and Rounders for girls. From Year 2 to 6 all pupils swim once a week in our fantastic indoor swimming pool all year round.

We pride ourselves on the array of sporting opportunities our pupils are given. In PE, throughout the academic year, all Junior pupils will complete a half term of the following activities: Gymnastics, Dance, Cross Country, Orienteering, Cycling, Athletics and Fitness. All of the above are also offered during extra-curricular activities along with Girls Football, Badminton, Mixed Tag Rugby, Boys Hockey, Basketball, Fencing and Golf.

Every pupil at LGJS takes part in our annual Sports Week. We hold 3 sports afternoons. This gives the parents an opportunity to come and see their children take part in exciting, fun events with an element of competition. On top of the 3 sports afternoons, the PE Department organises extra events for the Junior pupils. These events include Triathlons, Tennis days with Leicestershire Lawn Tennis Club, Steeplechase, Cycling days with British Cycling and many other exciting events. The Department are always looking for new initiatives and opportunities for the children.

Aims of Physical Education and Games

We aim to present PE and Games in such a way that each activity will be fun, which will lead to achievement and progress, which in turn brings recognition and promotes self-worth.

Specifically we aim to:

  • Ensure all our children, through their experiences at LGJS, take with them a love of sport and physical activity which will serve them throughout their lives.
  • Develop an attitude of mind that is an important part of sporting success: self-discipline; physical and mental commitment; a desire to win, yet the ability to lose gracefully and a respect for one’s opponents and for authority.
  • Encourage team sports in the belief that it is important for children to learn to work as part of a group and in doing so to be unselfish and supportive and to develop the team spirit which is vital, not only in sport, but also within life generally.
  • Provide all pupils with the coaching, training and match opportunities which will allow natural talent to develop and provide a skill foundation for future development. All children will have similar opportunities and be included in matches at an appropriate level feeling equally valued.

LGJS is a member of IAPS (the Independent Association of Prep Schools) and our sports fixtures revolve around playing matches against other IAPS schools as well as local senior schools, other small private schools and local state schools.