Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 page of this website. We use the National Curriculum as a general guide; but allow time for more in depth study, making our curriculum challenging and interesting!

Now that the children are in the Juniors they have the opportunity to take part in many more After School Clubs, Prep and swimming lessons. The school day is half an hour longer and there is an increase in the amount of homework given.

In English the children have many opportunities to expand their vocabulary through a range of reading activities. This assists their ability to write creatively about settings, characters and events. They learn about poetry, reports and play scripts which they then have the chance to experience in the Year 3/4 production.

In Maths we have fun by challenging the children to work with numbers up to 1000, work out calculations in their heads and know their times tables by heart. We also work on fractions, division, solving simple number problems and explaining graphs and charts. Among other things, by the end of the year, the children should be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes, recognise right angles and lines of symmetry, and use pounds and pence!

The science topics which include Healthy Eating, Plants, Light and Shadows lend themselves to practical tasks and investigations which encourage the children to predict outcomes and evaluate their work.

The ICT curriculum is really exciting in Year 3. We learn how to combine text and graphics! We introduce the children to databases, e-mail and explore fantastic simulations.

History is based on the Invaders and Settlers, where the pupils use research skills to further their knowledge. The topics give us the opportunity to visit a local museum and the popular Warwick castle.

Geography includes map work, studying our local environment (including field work in Great Glen), and learning about a contrasting country, Mexico (Unfortunately, no field trip in this topic!) We also learn about the weather around the world.

Children further their skills in Art through collage, painting, drawing and printing. In Design Technology we design and make a healthy sandwich and a photograph frame as well as developing our sewing skills. Art and DT are linked to the other curriculum areas.

In Religious Education the children discuss Bible stories linked to topics on Signs and Symbols and The Life of Jesus. They learn about other faith communities. PSHE encourages them to think about friendships and to learn about responsibility.

P.E, Art, Music and French continue to be taught by specialist teachers.

Here’s what some of the children in Year 3 think:

"I like designing what you’re going to make as it’s your decision."

"I enjoy Library time as it’s peaceful."

"It’s great being able to write with fountain pen."

"In ICT we use the computer to change the font and use graphics."

"I like the challenges in Maths particularly in times tables."

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