LGJS Learning Support

Learning Support works across the Leicester Grammar School Trust to support a child’s best learning and health. The Department helps pupils and teachers, based on a clear understanding of how an individual learns and responds to interactions. Working together in partnership, a pupil, their parents and the School can enable individual success.

In line with national SEND orders, and in the context of national definitions for SEND, the Department works with pupils who have a specific learning need or disability. The Department also makes use of whole-school screening and data analysis across the Trust, to identify pupils who may need some support to reach their potential. Support is within the context of what is reasonable, given the selective academic basis of the Trust.

Learning Support includes:

  • Developing whole-school approaches to inclusive teaching and learning
  • Working with pastoral and academic staff to offer personalized support
  • Providing a learning offer for identified groups such as EAL pupils
  • Offering specialist teaching as small group or 1:1 intervention
  • Offering in-house screening for dyslexia and Access Arrangements
  • Signposting a pupil and their family to other specialist services

If you and your son/daughter are considering Leicester Grammar Junior School or Leicester Grammar School, we would be delighted to meet you. Please contact the School to talk to us or arrange a visit. If you make an application to the Trust, it is a requirement that you provide information and submit any professional reports/letters detailing individual needs.

The Trust’s SEND policy can be found alongside the other school policies here